5 Short Princess Stories for Kids

Red-haired girl wearing glasses, reading a book of short princess stories for kids.

Read in this post, 5 short princess stories for kids with strong, brave characters that will teach children lessons of friendship, respect, environmental awareness and love for others. You will discover stories of princesses who defy stereotypes, showing that true royalty goes far beyond shiny crowns. From enchanted castles to modern realms, these are unprecedented … Read more

Short Bedtime Story for Kids – 7 FREE STORIES

little gir little girl reading a book.

Looking for a short bedtime story for your child? In this post, you’ll find bedtime stories for children and tips on how to use stories to lull your child to sleep. One of the moments that requires the most patience from parents is bedtime. Few children fall asleep without any stimulation. Some need the rocking … Read more