17 Fun Gender Reveal Games

Check out this post for 17 fun gender reveal games that will surprise and entertain your guests during this exciting moment.

The gender reveal party is a unique moment in the pregnancy journey, where emotion and anticipation come together to unveil the long-awaited secret of the baby’s gender.

In addition to the main reveal, incorporating creative gender reveal games can transform your event into an even more memorable celebration.

In this post, we’ll explore a variety of fun and exciting games that will engage your guests, create special moments, and ensure laughs that will be remembered for a long time.

Games Before the Big Reveal

1. Baby Crossword Puzzle

In addition to providing entertainment, this gender reveal game stimulates participants’ minds with puzzles related to the baby’s world.

How It Works

Create custom crossword puzzles with clues related to babies, pregnancy, and gender-related themes.

Distribute them to the guests and see who is the master of crossword puzzles.

2. Baby Shower Bingo

This game keeps everyone attentive to the gifts and adds a dose of friendly competition to the celebration.

How It Works

Create bingo cards with items related to the baby’s world. As gifts are opened, guests mark the corresponding items on their cards. The first to complete a line or column shouts “Bingo!”

3. Guess the Belly Size

This classic game is always a hit, and the surprising estimates can result in contagious laughter.

How It Works

Cut pieces of string for guests to try to guess the exact size of the expectant mother’s belly. The participant closest to the actual size wins a prize.

4. Baby Memory Game

This game not only challenges guests’ memory but also adds a lovely touch by mixing elements associated with the baby’s arrival.

How It Works

Prepare cards with images related to baby items. Guests try to memorize the cards in a short period. Then, the cards are flipped, and participants try to find the matching pairs.

5. Parents’ Quiz

This game not only entertains guests but also provides an opportunity for the couple to share meaningful and funny stories.

How It Works

Create a quiz with questions about the couple’s history, from the moment they met to the discovery of pregnancy. Guests can test their knowledge, and the couple can reveal exciting details about their journey.

6. Baby Words

This game creates a treasure trove of loving messages for the future parents, providing emotional moments throughout the pregnancy journey.

How It Works

Provide guests with blank cards and colorful pens. Each person writes an inspiring word or message for the future baby, which is sealed in an envelope.

Parents can open the envelopes at special moments during the pregnancy.

7. Guessing Jar

This game not only involves guests in speculating about the baby’s gender but also provides laughs when discovering who guessed right or wrong.

How It Works

Place a guessing jar at the entrance of the gender reveal party venue. Each guest writes their guess about the baby’s gender on a piece of paper and deposits it in the jar.

At the end of the event, the couple opens the jar and reads the guesses aloud.

8. Diaper Stories

This game is a unique way to involve guests in preparing for the baby’s arrival, offering advice in an unusual manner.

How It Works

Ask guests to write funny or inspiring advice for the future parents on disposable diapers.

Each message will be a surprise when the parents change the baby’s first diapers.

9. Baby Treasure Hunt

In addition to creating a lively atmosphere, this game keeps guests entertained while exploring the venue in search of hidden treasures.

How It Works

Hide small baby-related items in different locations at the event. Provide guests with clues to find these treasures.

The participant who finds the most items wins a prize.

Revealing the Baby’s Gender

Three women at a gender reveal party, one of them holding a balloon with "boy" or "girl" written on it, the other with a spike to pop the balloon, and the third one holding blue balloons. Gender Reveal Games.

Here are some fun gender reveal games ideas for the moment of announcing whether the baby will be a boy or a girl.

1. Balloons

In addition to the excitement of the reveal, the burst of colors creates a visually impactful moment that will be remembered by everyone.

How It Works

Fill a large balloon with blue or pink colored powder, depending on the gender being revealed.

The couple, or the person in charge of the reveal, pops the balloon, creating a colorful cloud that unveils the baby’s gender.

2. Baby Piñata

Breaking the piñata adds an element of excitement to this gender reveal game, and the confetti adds a festive touch to the celebration.

How It Works

A piñata decorated with neutral and mysterious elements is suspended. Blindfolded guests try to break it to reveal candies and colored confetti indicating the baby’s gender.

3. Surprise Balloons

The surprise of balloons floating as they are released creates a magical and visually enchanting moment.

How It Works

Fill a box with blue or pink helium balloons, keeping the content a secret. When opened, the balloons will reveal the baby’s gender.

4. Custom Scratch Cards

Scratch cards allow guests to actively participate in the reveal, making it even more special.

How It Works

Create custom scratch cards with a hidden layer that reveals the baby’s gender when scratched. Distribute the cards to guests and await the exciting moment of the reveal.

5. Betting Game

Gender reveal games like this involve all present, encouraging friendly speculation about the baby’s gender.

How It Works

Create betting cards where guests indicate whether they think the baby will be a boy or a girl. In the end, those who guessed right may receive small prizes or symbolic certificates.

6. Belly Painting

This interactive game allows guests to express their predictions artistically, creating a unique experience.

How It Works

Provide non-toxic paints in blue and pink. Guests paint the expectant mother’s belly with the color they believe represents the baby’s gender. In the end, the belly becomes a colorful work of art.

7. Memory Box

This gender reveal game allows guests to contribute to the celebration in a personalized way while eagerly awaiting the reveal.

How It Works

Ask guests to bring small gifts related to boys or girls and place them in a decorated box. At the moment of the reveal, open the box and display the items, indicating the baby’s gender.

8. Color Trail

This game adds a physical and playful dimension to the reveal, turning it into an exciting journey.

How It Works

Create a trail or path with balloons or decorative items in blue and pink, keeping the endpoint hidden. Guests follow the trail, and upon reaching the final destination, the reveal is unveiled.

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